Gold Price and the Value of Gold

Gold Price

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Why do I want to start a topic about gold are price? The reason being, cheap mlb jerseys gold is worth my time 2003 to be spent writing on. OOCSS Gold is a monetary asset, an asset that cannot be printed and manipulated by our government. Gold has always been in the market place for more than 5,000 Scam? years.

The main reasons why gold is so expensive is that gold is not a commodity like iron or wheat, because it does not get used up and nearly all the gold ever mined is still available at sale at the right price. Gold is also wholesale nba jerseys not a product nor a service that can be produce by factories, farms, etc. Gold is a medium of exchange, like cash.


(Printing money as and when they need to)

People like me and wholesale jerseys you are always carrying a misconception that the Gold Price is getting stronger each day, which is not true. The truth is that the US Currency is getting weaker, hence the rise in Gold’s Price.

However, countries and governments around the world is hiding the fact that the US currency is not getting weaker as they need the support from its whole nation to continue believing the worth and value in the currency. By doing so, our country leaders can continue manipulating us in holding fiat money instead of holding reliable money, which is gold.


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